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In many places there were twigs, leaves and weeds in the river, thus blocking the oranges path and slowing it down. I tried to make sure that the orange was put in the water ahead of the ten metre measuring distance so it had chance to reach its velocity before measuring began. However there were inconsistencies at each
Geography coursework: Evaluation. LO: to evaluate data collection methods and understand what should be included in the coursework evaluation. Homework: Practice 1 exam question (as the mocks are coming!!!) 9 marks + 4 SPAG. Due Monday 5th Dec. Using examples, explain how the the aims of climate conferences
In our study of rivers in class we have looked at the river Tees in north east England and how in its upper course it had steep sided valleys with rapids (cauldron snout) and waterfalls. (High Force). In its lower course the river had a wide floodplain in which it meandered. (Yarm) and eventually flowed into the North Sea in a
Rivers Controlled assessment - 2015. Your controlled assessment is worth 25% of your final grade. This year's topic is on: Investigate erosion and/or deposition in a river channel. Content. 2000 Words maximum. Introduction and methods – 800 words – in CLASSROOM CONTROLLED CONDITIONS. Data presentation
Coasts. Where the land meets the sea, the UK's coastline is over 7500 miles in length, and it's a place that's always changing through erosion, transportation and deposition · A nice picture of a river
This resource is part of the Fieldwork toolkit that supports our GCSE Geography specification (8035) and sits alongside other resources in the. Fieldwork ..... for section(s) of river studied. Located graphs added to long profile to identify features/ characteristics. Cross profiles drawn to scale. Proportional symbols for bedload
This exciting course is based on a balanced framework of physical and human geography. It allows students to investigate the link between the two themes, and approach and examine the battles between the man-made and natural worlds. Students who complete the course will have the skills and experience to progress
AQA A. GCSE Geography. At Rhyd-y-creuau we pride ourselves on our flexible approach when designing fieldwork to meet the learning needs of students. The options listed ... AQA A Geography GCSE: Fieldwork and the Controlled Assessment ... 2015 focus: Investigate how features of a river change over distance down.

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